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  • SINIMI® Soybean Germ Solid Drink Powder


    Using the best soybean germ, soybean germ solid Drink powder has high nutrition value with plent of natural soy isoflavone, vitamine E and sterol, it has significant effects on regulating endocrine and improving menstrual disorder.

    Ingredients: Soybean germ, isomalto-oligosaccharide, lactose, maltodextrin, apple pectin
    Function: Nourish ovary
    Suitable for: Daily drink for women more than 25 years old
    Packing: 5g*16 bags
    Shelf life: 24 months
    Storage: Under cool & dry place.
    • a
    • High purity, high activity
    • It's extracted from the best selected soybean, has high purity and activity than normal soybean.

    • Natural phytoestrogen
    • A lot of researchs indicate that soy isoflavone is better than the synthetic, it's a safe product for long term usage.

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