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  • SINIMI® Grape Seed Extract Soft Capsule


    Grape Seed Extract Soft Capsule is a health product using grape seed extract, soybean oil, phospholipids and etc., animal and human trials indicate that it has funciton of anti-oxidant.

    registration numbers: Health food registration No. 20110702
    Ingredients: Grape seed extract, soybean oil, phospholipids, beewax, gelatin, glycerinum, water
    Content: Each 100g contains OPC 30.2g
    Function: antioxidant
    Suitable for: Middle and aged people
    Not Suitalbe for: Chidren, pregnant women, lactating women
    Dosage: one capsule per time, one time per day.
    Packing: 0.5g/causule
    Shelf life: 24 month
    Storage: keep sealed, store under cool & dry palce.
    Attention: This product does not take the place of drugs
    • a
    • Best selected grape seeds from French
    • High grade grape seeds, locate on northern latitude 44 degree, the best red grape plant area well known by worldwide.

      Natural extact procedure, only water & food grade ethonal were used, we make sure that each capsule does not be polluted.

    • Strong anti-oxidant property
    • 50 times anti-oxidant property of VE, and 20 times of VC.

      Preventing skin splash, dehydration, wrinkles, acne, age pigment, allergy and skin dry.

      Improving microcirculation, protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and aged diseases.

    • Recommended by NAPI
    • cGMP, ALPHA lab, ISO9001, HACCP, KOSHER certificate

    • Optimizing prescription
    • Best suitable for asian women.

      Extracted using ultrafiltration technology, better absorption.

      30.2/100 ratio, one capsule each day.

    • Grape seed standard constitutor in China
    • JF Group (SSK 600668) , consitutor of grape seed standard in China

      JF Pharmaceutical, top 100 pharmacutical enterprises, national torch plan key high-tech enterprise.

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