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  • SINIMI® Blueberry Solid Drink Powder


    Blueberry solid drink powder is produced by blueberry powder, grape powder, citrus powder, soybean fiber powder and etc., has the effects of protecting eye micrangium, enhancing microcirculation and relieving eye fatigue.

    Ingredients: Blueberry powder, grape powder, citrus powder, green tea powder, soybean fiber powder and food additives.
    Function: Protecting eye
    Suitable for: All people
    Packing: 5g*16 bags
    Shelf life: 24 months
    Storage: Under cool & dry place.
    • a
    • Brighting eyes, removing dark circle
    • Blueberry contains plenty of OPC which is a key substance for maintaining?visual?health and preventing vision damage. It can protect eye micrangium, enhance microcirculation and relieve eye fatigue.

    • Complex formula, double antioxidant ability
    • Anti-oxidant ability of grape seed extact is 50 time of VE, two ingredients double protecting your eyes.

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